VISM Tourniquet & Trauma Shear Pouch – Urban Gray

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Tourniquet & Trauma Shear Pouch with MOLLE and belt loop straps.

Tourniquet & Trauma Shear Pouch with MOLLE and belt loop straps.
This pouch will fit most of the popular tourniquets out in the marketplace. With elastic sides to conform to the different thickness of tourniquets.
Features a slot compartment in the back of the pouch for a Trauma Shear with hook and loop straps to secure the shear in place.
Features a hook and loop fastener flap, with “TQ” embroidered in RED threads on the loop fastener patch (1.75″W X 3″) on top of the flap. You may also stick a hook and loop compatible patch onto the top of the flap.
Flap also has a high visibly RED pull tab for opening the flap. Brightly colored tab for ease of identifying the quickest access to the tourniquet.
The pouch features multiple MOLLE straps (both vertical and horizontal) on the back to mount onto MOLLE compatible gear in the standard vertical or even the horizontal positions.
This pouch can be also mounted onto your duty belts in the horizontal position.
This pouch can also be used as a magazine, tactical flashlight, multi-tool, or a general purpose pouch.
Dimensions: 7″H X 2″W X 1.75″D, (flap is 5.5″ long)
Tourniquet and Trauma shear not included


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