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Vism Compact Trauma Kit Red

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Key Features

  • NcSTAR partners up with H&H Medical Corporation to put together this Trauma Kit that includes their “POCKET Law Enforcement Kit” IFAK kit
  • The “POCKET Law Enforcement Kit” is D.O.D. approved (CAGE: 1NNH6) is used by the Military, Government Agencies, and is also used by many of the largest Police Departments in the country
  • H&H Medical brings its expertise in creating complete trauma kits to the law enforcement community with their line of pre-packed trauma response kits. H&H Medical pre-made response kits package is their most popular products in small, vacuum sealed packs that is secured in NcSTAR’s Small Utility Pouch.
  • H&H Medical’s newest and smallest kit is the Patrol Officer Casualty Kit for Emergency Trauma (POCKET). The POCKET puts everything an officer needs to immediately respond to a major trauma in a package designed to fit in small spaces (4.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″) and weighs less than a pound.
  • Easy opening, each component individually vacuum sealed and packaged as one kit for quick deployment
  • The Pocket Kit is secured in NcSTAR’s CVSUP2934B (Black) Small Utility Pouch that is MOLLE/PALS compatible. The Trauma Kit can be attached to any MOLLE/PALS compatible gear.

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