Ultradyne Nighthawk Flash Hider 5/8×24


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Ultradyne Nighthawk Flash Hider 5/8×24

Product Description:

Nighthawk is a birdcage style flash hider, engineered to reduce muzzle flash that can impair the eye’s night vision in low light.  Additionally a solid undercarriage decreases the chance of a dust cloud forming while shooting from a prone position. Nighthawk also reduces muzzle rise which results in faster follow-up shots with increased accuracy. A timing nut is included for easy installation.  Available for rifles with 1/2 x 28 and  5/8-24 thread patterns.

Muzzle Flash Reduction
Ultimate flash reduction and minimal shooter distraction.

416 Stainless Steel with ultra-rugged salt bath nitride finish.

Barrel-mounted sight option eliminates sight deflection associated with handguard mounting.

Nighthawk AR-10 / LR308 Technical Specs


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