Tac-m203 37mm Underbarrel Launcher


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Tac-m203 37mm Underbarrel Launcher

Ordnance Group 37mm Launchers are NOT firearms.  Do NOT fire any round meant for a firearm in any 37mm launcher.  Specifically do not use an adapter to fire 12 gauge or centerfire rounds or rimfire rounds.  DO NOT use Beehive rounds.  This launcher is not a firearm and damage to yourself or the launcher is likely if you violate this warning.  Further, you would be in violation of BATF rules.

The Tac-m203 mounts on any rifle or carbine fitted with a Picatinny Rail using a 4” clamp and two bolts that provide the most solid attachment in the industry.   As always, state of the art materials are used throughout, the forward grip is machined as part of the barrel itself. All parts are Type II Coated or Black Oxide treated. We think that you will agree that it is a perfect counterpoint to your AR platform weapon.  Note that care should be used if you use the KeyMod or M-Lok mounting system with the Tac-D (or any Underbarrel Launcher from any manufacturer).  Neither of these systems are meant to handle heavy recoil.

You can easily convert the Tac-m203 to a stand-alone configuration with the kit that includes a stock adapter, AR adjustable stock, vertical foregrip and wrench.

If you have a stock and just want the stock adapter, that is available too.  Just check the Drop-Downs above.

Key Features:

  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Fully enclosed cartridge head
  • One piece receiver for strength and reliability
  • Improved barrel lock up.  Positive, enclosed push button.
  • Larger, more ergonomic cocking lever.
  • Larger trigger guard to accommodate gloved hands.
  • Unobstructed top so the launcher will lie flat against a full length picatinny rail
  • Beveled lower Picatinny rail.
  • Integral, machined hand guard.  Looks great and increases strength.
  • Stock expansion system looks great and won’t break the bank.
  • Reduced weight: 3lbs 1 oz.
  • Can be easily and inexpensively converted to a shoulder mounted configuration.
  • 100% Made in the USA

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