Real Avid Bore-Max Bore Solvent


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Real Avid Bore-Max Bore Solvent

Product Specs:

  • GUN CLEANING DONE EASIER: Ultra-effective; gun bore cleaner to tackle baked-on fouling, burnt powder, carbon, copper build-up and other residue that accumulates in bores
  • GUN COPPER SOLVENT: powerful gun cleaning fluid thoroughly dissolves copper residue that builds up in your bore, compromises accuracy and overtime leads to pitting and bore degradation
  • DEDICATED BORE CLEANER: Gun-metal grade gun cleaner bore solvent, formulated to ensure best gun maintenance and to help preserve barrel accuracy. A perfect addition to your gun cleaning supplies
  • GUN CLEANING WITH CONFIDENCE,: bore cleaner will change color to indicate removal of such substances as copper and powder; in case of extreme, heavy build-up you’ll know if you need to repeat the gun cleaning process
  • FOR USE IN BORE ONLY: optimal strength and formula to efficiently clean inside of the bore; not recommended for use on rubber, polymer, wood parts, painted or dipped finishes; for action and exterior parts use purposefully formulated Real Avid Foul-Out Gunk Blaster

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