GLOCK 19 Upper Parts Kit

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Glock 19 Upper Parts Kit


When it comes time to replace parts in your favorite GLOCK, make sure you use original factory parts. Using GLOCK factory parts will ensure your GLOCK will keep running just like the day it left the factory. Fortunately these replacement parts are inexpensive, and readily available!


  • Includes all the necessary Gen 3 parts for a functional GLOCK Upper Assembly (without slide, sights, or barrel).
  • GLOCK factory parts are brand new and machined to precise specifications.
  • Get all your hard-to-find replacement parts in one handy kit!
  • Also perfect for a GLOCK Armorer’s kit! 
  • Features Complete frame upper parts kit for the Gen 3 GLOCK (does not include slide or barrel)
  • Compatible with Polymer80 Frames
  • Recoil Spring
  • Channel Liner
  • Extractor
  • Firing Pin
  • Safety & Spring Slide Cover
  • Plate Extractor
  • Depressor Plunger Extractor
  • Depressor Plunger Spring
  • Spring Loaded Bearing
  • Firing Pin
  • Firing Pin Spring
  • Spacer Sleeve
  • Firing Pin Spring Cups


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