Ghost Inc 3.5 Trigger Kit


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GHO_STD – 3.5 COMPLETE TRIGGER KIT Gen 1-5 – Not for G42/43. We have combined our polished 3.5 LB. Drop-in Connector Trigger with five premium springs. Fine tune your trigger pull, feel and weight all in one kit! We combined all the parts necessary to give you best trigger pull possible.

You save a few bucks and get everything in one shot! The Kit includes 5 parts: Please Note that all trigger kits include the target setup and self-defense set up

  • 1-3.5 LB. Drop-In Gen 1-5
  • 1- 6.0 lb Trigger Spring – This spring is not used in the Gen 5 Glocks
  • 1- 4.0 lb Firing Pin Spring (Target/Sport Configuration)
  • 1- 6.0 lb Firing Pin Spring (Self-Defense Configuration)
  • 1- Reduced power firing pin safety spring

Please Note: The 4.0 lb Firing Pin Spring may cause light primer strikes in some pistols this is the Target/Sport configuration. For Self Defense or in a 10mm/45 caliber Glock we recommend the 6.0 lb firing pin spring.

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