Enhanced 7.62×39 Firing Pin

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Enhanced 7.62×39 Firing Pin

Product Description:

  • CNC Machined 4140 Steel
  • Hardened 47 Rc Helps to Ensure Positive Ignition on Notoriously Steel Case Ammunition

4 reviews for Enhanced 7.62×39 Firing Pin

  1. l.g.3076 (verified owner)

    Ordered this firing pin to help out with light strikes and failure to fire issues. It helped alot when firing Tulammo brand and Wolf. Red army standard and golden tiger would sometimes still not fire. I do not have extra power spring installed, will try that to endure all ammo brands are ignitable. Over all good looking pin and seems to be holding up fine. Works good.

  2. Kency Edwin (verified owner)

    Built an ar15 7.62×39 with regular milspec firing pin. A light primer strike occurred with each 30rd mag fired. I replaced the firing pin with this enhanced pin and the problem disappeared. Highly recommend if you’re shooting cheap Russian ammo.

  3. Serg Gunda (verified owner)

    Update on previous review. It didn’t work for me because on swapping triggers I put hammer spring on backwards lol oops. Tested in 2 bcg n 3 ammo brands working every time. Very satisfied

  4. Reynaldo Mendoza (verified owner)

    Works well, would recommend, fired Tula ammo steel case, no hand ups.

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