Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring 308-0
Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring 308-11176
Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring 308-11177

Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring 308

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The Stealth Recoil Spring completely built with a little Red and Blue Loctite keeping the assembly together. The Polymer bumper goes towards the rear of the firearm and the weight mass of with the O-Ring ges towards the bolt carrier. The Stealth Recoil Spring is a self contatined unit that will reduce felt recoil and keep the buffer clear of rubbing against the inner wall of the buffer tube.

Armaspec AR-10/LR-308 Stealth Recoil Spring Specifications and Features:

  • Armaspec ARM153-308
  • Stealthy Recoil Spring
  • .308 Winchester/6.5 Creedmoor Compatible
  • 5.7oz Total Weight
  • Designed to Reduce Felt Recoil
  • Keeps the Buffer Spring from Rubbing Against the Inner Wall
  • Buffer Mass Stays Under Constant Tension
  • Black


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