AR-15 H3 Carbine Buffer

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AR-15 H3 Carbine Buffer

This carbine length heavy collapsible stock buffer assembly provides smoother function and helps to noticeably reduce felt recoil.

Product Specs:

  • Steel Construction
  • 3.25″ OAL
  • Standard Carbine Length
  • 5.4 OZ
  • Solid Steel Buffer Weight

Additional information

Weight 6270317096 g

7 reviews for AR-15 H3 Carbine Buffer

  1. David Foley (verified owner)

    I just ordered this H-3 buffer & hoping it helps fix the problems I’m having with my gun. Buffer looks really nice though and at that price you can’t beat it.

  2. Greg S

    This H3 buffer is made for a pistol upper and help with recoil. I have several of them and this price is way better than the other company like spikes. At three times the price. Really recommend for pistol uppers in 7.62×39, 50 Bewolf, and any of the other harder hitting ones. This will help tame the beast down a bit. I know,
    Don’t get why the last guy gave this buffer just three stars. Maybe because it didn’t fix it problem. Review are suppose to be about the product not if it fixed your issue. Just my two cent. Hope this helps.

  3. piercedan (verified owner)

    Great price on a quality heavy buffer!

  4. Brian Adams (verified owner)

    I have used this buffer in several builds, in several calibers. Its my “go to”, especially with shorter gas systems, or if new or younger shooters will be using it

  5. Eric

    This is a great price on an H3 buffer. You can’t even buy 3 tungsten weights for this price. If an H3 is too heavy, you can combine parts with one standard buffer to build an H1 and H2 buffer.

  6. paladinservices (verified owner)

    I have these buffers in all my personal AR’s and have installed them in over 50 customers builds. They have been great and I won’t use anything else. They are well built and they do a great job of not only softening the recoil they also save the back of the buffer tube. They are great. If you prefer a name brand you could go purchase one from PWS and pay just under $60.00 for one with a fancy name that does doesn’t do the job any better or worse. It just costs you what you would pay for 5+ of these that work great.

  7. Bruce (verified owner)

    Great h3 buffer system! I added it to a JP Polished buffer spring and it works flawlessly. Runs 556 and hot 223 brass at 3-4 o’clock ejection. And has great recoil follow up shots . I definitely recommend for over gassed systems. KM tact is my go to for all parts thank you

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